How to Wear a Hoodie while Riding on a Motorcycle

One of the stars of the SportBike Chic apparel line (thus far) is the Armored Hoodie

I took a little ride yesterday when the clouds parted and briefly let the sun shine through. It was a much-needed break from the rainy days we've had so far. This time, instead of my normal mesh or leather jacket, I opted for my SportBike Chic armored hoodie. Since there's a huge sense of pride in the quality that our products are made with, I figure I'd do one of the first reviews.

A while ago, I never thought I'd ever ride in just a hoodie alone. I've gone down on my bike a couple of times. Because of that, for me, safety is paramount. That's why the SportBike Chic Armored Hoodie is a little different.

First the stats...
-100% cotton 300-320gsm for a heavier than expected weight
-lined with 100% DuPont™ Kevlar® (I don't blend or skimp on quality for me or you).
-sizes range from small to 3XL (US size ranges). 
-Shoulder armor, back plate, elbow, and forearm armor

I typically ride with one of my vests. With that said, yesterday, I tried 3 different ways to ride in my armored hoodie.

During the first leg, I rode with my vest on, I folded the hood completely on the inside of the hoodie itself. Oddly enough, I could barely feel it and kinda forgot it was there when riding.

Next, I took the vest off and folded it into my Tank Purse. (be easy on me, it was only an experiment and I was riding solo). Because of the thickness of the hoodie, there wasn't a great deal of movement of the hoodie while in motion, even on the highway. It was a perfect 70-75 degree day with a little bit of wind. There was a slight breeze coming through, but with a full-face, I didn't notice any movement of the hood at all. The hood itself wasn't tucked in but just worn normally. This is just a preference. You obviously get to decide what makes sense for you.

The final way was with the vest on and the hood tucked inside the vest back. No huge bulk or discomfort at all.

I felt safe and secure not only because of all of the armor but because of the additional DuPont™ Kevlar® inside as well.

This is officially a must-have in the motorcycle apparel/accessory closet.

Try it out. If you don't like it...send it back.

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