Meet SportBike Chic Model - Tawanda

I hope everyone had a wonderful Valentine's Day! What have we been up to? Having a little fun and trying to bring the best quality products to you for this upcoming riding season. It's a little cold here today in NC, but a warm day sneaks in every so often, allowing for a nice ride.

Today, I want to share with you one of the models from our SportBike Chic Model Search. We have Tawanda Monique. So when I started my model search, I was sure I would get gorgeous ladies. However, I wouldn't imagine the special ladies I would come across.

This post will focus on just one. More coming though... wink emoticon

Tawanda trained with John Casablanca Modeling Agency in 2013, after Tawanda graduated, she went on to train and has participated in multiple modeling events. In March of 2016, she participated in the “Walk the Walk” seminar, June 2017 Tawanda began training again with Cynthia Bailey's “Model Expo” and trained with International Runway Coach, Alva Page.

Since 2013, Tawanda has become a multi-talented woman that is a force to be reckoned with in the world of Fashion. After she was done with training, Tawanda went on to launch her own school: Monique’s School of Fashion & Model/Owner. It doesn’t stop there, Tawanda also Produced the 3rd Annual, “Anomaly on the Runway” Fashion Show, and became a Delegate for "Ms Full-Figured NC", first ever in the history of NC. She has worked with 8 magazines.

In February 2016 she became a Published Model, UExposed Magazine Vol 2, and In May 2015 Tawanda was featured in Volume 9: London LeBlanc Magazine. March 2013 - July 2013 she was Mannequin Modeling for Casanova, NY & Company. And I’m November 2015, Tawanda appeared in "Positive Perspectives" Magazine (Plus Size Model) October 2017. The next magazine she featured in was London LeBlance’s International UK Magazine (Vol 31).

On January 30, 2016, she walked in “The BBU Awards Show” Tim Johnson Production, Raleigh NC. March 12, 2016, Walked in “Fayetteville Fashion Week” Showcase. Fayetteville NC. On March 20, 2016, she walked in “ The Big Hat Brunch Delta Chapter” Fashion Show, Fayetteville NC. April 2017 Walked in “ Crusade for Curves”, Raleigh NC.

2018 was also a good runway year for Tawanda. In June 2018, She walked in “The 3rd Annual BBU Awards Show” Tim Johnson Production and in August 2018, Tawanda walked in the 3rd Annual “Rock the Curves Fashion Show "in Charlotte, NC. Tawanda also brought her skills to the big screen. In July 2018 she appeared in “FEMININE The Movie” Produced by Tailiah Breon; Casted Role “Grant Foundation Extra”. She’s also received numerous awards including a People's Choice Award and 2018 BBU Plus Model of the Year.

Also this year Tawanda started her own clothing line called the “Tawanda Monique Collection”. It’s an Urban, yet classy and sexy clothing line of Dresses and Pantsuits.

As I have recently learned, Tawanda Monique is an amazing model and I’m thrilled to have her on the SportBike Chic team. We had a blast with Veritas Studio and IC Beauty. Great combination and talented individuals. Thanks for everything!

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