Introducing the Tank Purse™

The Tank Purse™ is a functional purse with detachable straps that adheres to the motorcycle via magnets. 

 When bikers are considering motorcycle accessories, we look at comfort, space, necessity, and ease of transport. Traditionally, we've been known to carry items in pockets, saddlebags, tank bags, these tiny little trunk spaces (still won’t' be trading my sport bike in any time soon though), and even stuffing bags in jackets just to make it from point A to point B. While I can appreciate the creativity, what I can appreciate more is practicality. That's why the Tank Purse™ is such a big deal. I recall the days at Bike Week or just running to the post office to pick up mail and didn't want to carry a big bulky item around to carry the items that I needed. As a result, I went without or found other ways. This time...there is another way that's a little more practical. Not only does it mount like a normal tank bag, but it's also worn. The firstTank Purse™ model is a nice cross-body that you can grab and go without a second thought to style or whether it works or does.
No need to squeeze items in your pockets, wonder about storage or go into your trunk. The Tank Purse™is the biker go-to for those quick trips to the store for forgotten items while traveling or just to have a little more room on 2. Even with longer trips, it’s nice to have something to carry essentials. All the while, giving easy access to contents.
What's so unique about it?
  • Versatility – As I said previously, the first Tank Purse™ model can be worn as a cross-body. Additional models will have other variations.
  • Strength - Because of the safety factor, powerful magnets are used to provide a secure hold. These are powerful magnets that give riders comfort in knowing their bag isn't going to fly off or shift significantly while riding. The one thing that every rider should do is get home safe.
 Storage space - The Tank Purse™has a good amount of storage space with pockets on the outside, giving options for keeping the purse as organized as possible. With its 8x9 inch body, it has enough storage without interfering with a nice ride. The Tank Purse™ is 3 inches in thickness, which allows plenty of space for the essentials.


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