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The Gear

I'm a firm believer that every biker should be safe.  Safe gear, safe ride, safe everything.  However, just because we're safe, doesn't mean that every woman shouldn't be able to feel feminine while riding.  So...if you're looking for pinks and cute sayings land fitted jeans that are lined with Kevlar that will fit your size,'ve come to the right place.  What will we be featuring over the next year?  We'll have leather and mesh jackets, along with jeans lined with kevlar, custom gremlin bells,and a brand new product - more to come on that one :-)

"Still love them! And love that they PROTECT but still look good!"


Not only do I look good in my riding jeans but OMG! They are so comfortable when riding my motorcycle. I rode to church today. These jeans are not restrictive or heavy! I am definitely loving these riding jeans from Sportbike Chic. Thank you. I am a customer for life!