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Featured Products - SportBike Chic Magnetic Tank Purse™ and the "SV" Protective Riding Jeans

Tank Purse™

The SportBike Chic magnetic Tank Purse™ is a functional cross-body purse with detachable straps and is able to adhere to the motorcycle via magnets. What's more, it's a more feminine alternative to the tank bag.

The Tank Purse™ contains separate compartments to hold phones, cards, etc...The additional shielding helps to minimize magnetic effects on objects inside the purse.   The outer shell is made is a water-resistant material (IPX5) rated.Powerful magnets allow for a strong and secure hold to a motorcycle.Convenient access to important items.  

Motorcycle Magnetic Tank Purse™ "The Raleigh"

SportBike Chic, LLC

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Protective Riding Jeans

Expect the same great quality in the color you all have been asking for!  SportBike Chic offers great protective riding jeans for the curvy women as well as items for a slimmer fit. 

Our sizes range from 0-20 in black as well as our traditional blue.  Make sure you sign up to receive emails about our newest arrivals in the fall.  We're already working on more options just for you!

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We’ve also added a few other items to our store. Be sure to take a look at our collection of motorcycle gear for women like mesh jackets, SportBike Chic Designer Face Masksmotorcycle gloves and of course our flagship Tank Purse™️, the feminine alternative to the tank bag.

Ride Safe!

Protective Motorcycle Jeans for Women

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Like the rest of the world, SportBike Chic is closely monitoring the recent pandemic known as COVID-19. There’s nothing more important than the safety of our riders, passengers, and communities.

We will continue to take any necessary precautions to ensure business continuity. We want you to have a fun-fill, safe, and stylish motorcycle riding season. We're here for you!

Due to COVID-19, please note that we there have been delays with manufacturing.  However, we do have items that are still currently available that we will continue to ship in the meantime.

We will keep the lines of communication open and provide necessary updates related to service interruptions, should we encounter any.

How does this affect returns? Like many retailers, this is unprecedented for our time. However, while some retailers are holding items in “quarantine” for 24-48 hours, SportBike Chic “quarantines” returned items for a minimum of 14 days.   We are constantly evaluating the current landscape to ensure we’re using the best practices to give you the best experience possible.  If you have more questions, please feel free to contact us at In order to get you fitted properly the first time, we have our size charts posted, a size estimator, along with access to our customer service.  We’re here to support you every step of the way!

Ride Safe!