Safety Tips: Riding Motorcycle After A Storm Or Hurricane

When a major hurricane hits, we all head inside to stay safe. However, when it passes, we all want to get out and stretch our legs. For us lady bikers, we want to hop back on our bikes and ride. As the owner of a biking accessories company for women, I always try to keep my riders safe. So, there are a few tips for you before heading back out on your bike.

3 things to consider before hopping on a motorcycle after a hurricane or big storm are:

  1. Standing Water: We have all heard it.... turn around, don’t drown. This is even more true for motorcycles. We all think we can get through the standing waters, but it could take our bike right out from under us.
  2. Local DOT: Motorcycles can pass through areas that cars normally can’t. However, after a storm, certain roads will be closed. Listen to the local DOT and follow their suggestion on where to drive and where not to drive.
  3. Maintenance: Make sure your motorcycle has had the necessary maintenance. If you are driving in an area with extensive storm damage, a local shop may not be open. So, ahead of the storm, make sure this is done and your bike is driving ready.

There are a lot of things to consider about riding a motorcycle after a storm. It is always better to evacuate a storm area and ride in a safe area. But, if not, always be sure to listen to local law enforcement and media warnings instead of riding in a potentially dangerous area.

Ride safe!

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