4 Traits Most Women Who Are Bikers Possess

Every biker is different and as the owner of SportBike Chic, this is re-enforced every time I come across a new one. Our styles are different; our looks are different, and our attitudes can be completely different. That’s the beauty of us. With all that beauty in diversity, we also have a few things in common. The first is how much we love biking.

4 lifestyles we see most in the women bikers who purchase from us are:

  1. Love for Their Bikes: They don’t let others ride their bikes and they love their equipment! Many women bikers have done more research on their bikes and purchased something they are absolutely in love with. So, they are more protective over their bike.  I think in the 10 years of riding my bike, only 2 people have ever turned the throttle aside from me. One is an instructor, the other is my mechanic.
  2. Great Friends: While most women are protective of their bikes and love their bikes, they also have great friends to ride with. Many biker women have a small group of women (and men) that they love going out on the weekend to ride.  
  3. Favorite Spots: This is true for all bikers… they have a favorite spot to ride. Whether it’s a path through the mountains or a coastal road, everyone has their favorite few spots.  
  4. Love to Share: Lots of lady riders love to share with their close group of biker friends as well as women who don’t ride yet about their bikes, trips, accessories and more.   Not only do we love to share riding stories, but there’s also nothing like sharing them after a ride over a meal with friends.

While every lady biker is different, the similarities are the things that bring us together.

If you are a woman who is a biker and you love riding, we’d love to hear about it and support you!  

Ride Safe!

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