Celebrating You On International Female Ride Day

It takes a special kind of woman to ride a sportbike. That is why at Sports Bike Chic, we always celebrate women bike riders and International Female Ride Day. Each year, we’re proud to take part in this amazing event that unites female bike riders around the world for one simple purpose: to just ride. Honestly, though. International Female Ride Day is more than that.

A few reasons why International Female Ride Day is so important to us are:

  1. History. Thirteen years ago, Vicki Gray, founder of motoress.com, was inspired to create a day to raise awareness of women bike riders. Her goal was simple: to bring women from all over the world together to celebrate women bike riders. So on the first Saturday in May, women all over the world take to the road to do just that: ride in celebration of women riders.
  2. Sisterhood. Of course, it’s more than just a ride. It’s more than just a hobby. It’s more than a fun thing to post on social media. Female Ride Day is our way to stand out and show the sisterhood of this typically male-driven community. It’s a way to show and strengthen this bond that women riders have despite oceans and borders around the world.
  3. Our purpose. At its heart, Sport Bike Chic is all about women riders. We want to celebrate our sisterhood and have dedicated ourselves to creating items that look good, feel good while keeping us safe (which is of utmost importance) and celebrating our womanhood.

We’re proud to be part of this amazing community of women riders, and even more proud to be able to outfit you with creative, safety-conscious and stylish items to celebrate your life as a woman rider with a shop full of items for every kind of rider. Check out our shop at sportbikechic.com.

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