Charity in the Bike World

Everyone has their own reason for joining a motorcycle community. Some people join to find a sense of belonging or some want to find a way to self-discipline themselves; one thing that everyone in the bike world has in common is a passion for riding. But there's one thing that the general public doesn't often think about when they think about bikers – many groups give back to the community through charity work. 

3 groups in the bike world that give back to the community include:

  • The Bikers Against Child Abuse: This nonprofit organization consists of a group of bikers whose goal is to create a safer environment for children and to empower children to not be afraid of their surroundings. Children who have been referred to the organization are able to call upon select bike members whenever they feel unsafe or need reassurance.
  • Bikers United to Defend driving Safely (The B.U.D.’S Foundation): The goal of this foundation is to urge the message of safety and responsibility of motorcyclists as well as motor vehicle drivers to prevent accidents. When a motorcyclist gets into an accident, this foundation is there to provide assistance to them and their family. Another great thing about it is that bikers do not need to be members of the foundation to receive assistance.
  • Ride For Life: This fundraising event is hosted by Harley-Davidson to raise money for individuals and families that suffer from a form of muscular dystrophy. The money raised from the event also goes towards research for the cure of the disease. The Ride For Life event takes place in various locations across the nation.

People within the bike world get many criticisms based on common misconceptions. What the critics don't know is the amount of charity work that is behind many riding and motorcycle clubs. At SportBike Chic, we like to give back to the community, which is why we donate a percentage of t-shirt sales towards The B.U.D.'S Foundation. Learn more about B.U.D.S.

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