Common Misconceptions About Biking Community

Take a drive on a beautiful day and you will encounter the rumbling of a group of bikers getting the most out of the great weather. Sometimes, this brings mixed reactions simply because of misconceptions that people have about the bike community. At SportBike Chic, we’ve heard them all!

biggest misconceptions about bikers

4 of the biggest misconceptions about bikers are:

  1. They’re all gang members: If by ‘gang’ you mean a group of people who share a common interest and hang out to enjoy it, then yes, a lot of bikers are gang members. But by and large, it’s not the stereotypical bar fighting group that is shown in movies.
  2. They’re not smart: Well, that’s simply not true. Get to know some bikers, and you’ll find a diverse group of people at the top of their fields. Not to mention, most bikers work on their bikes, which takes a good amount of mechanical knowledge.
  3. They’re kind of mean: Most bikers are strong, active members of their communities. Also, many bike clubs adopt a charity that they go above and beyond for in order to help support them, not just by raising funds, but also through service.
  4. They lead dangerous lives: Sure, bikers seek thrills, much like people who enjoy white-water rafting do. Mostly, though, bikers enjoy awesome machinery, being on the road and the community around it. They generally take their safety seriously, wearing protective gear (those leathers aren’t just for looks) and being as safe as they can on the road while still having a good time.

Like with any group, the biking community is made up of many different people, and it can’t really be defined by stereotypes. Next time you see a bike club, strike up a conversation. We pretty sure you’ll find a group of great people. We’re happy to be part of this community and help biker ladies look and feel good while doing what they love. Check out our SportBike Chic shop here.

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