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Meet SportBike Chic Model- Hanan

Posted by Ashley Morrison on

SportBike Chic Model- Hanan

Meet...our next model...Hanan
When I first started my SportBike Chic Model Search last year, I was looking for a couple of things primarily - plus-size models as well as lady riders that were passionate about riding. That's where Hanan comes in.
It's rare that I meet lady riders who have a passion for motorcycles like Hanan. When she came out last year to our model reveal, she had an option of going on a Track Day that she gave up for me. Since I've had yet to experience a track day, I can only imagine what I would have to come up to make me break that one. I'm glad she did. Her level of commitment to her family, teaching pre-schoolers, and especially riding is what made her such an ideal model for SportBike Chic.
All during our photo shoot, you could see how much she loved what she did as she spoke often about her motorcycle and track days. Born in Venezuela, she's Spanish and Lebanese with exotic and beautiful features. Hanan first started riding Cafe Racers when she was a teenager and has spent the last two riding sportbikes.
While riding motorcycles is as natural as breathing to her, she balances that out with her other commitments of being a devoted wife and mom, a pre-school teacher (which would explain why she always seems so calm and at ease), and a belly dancer. What an amazing combination! Love it.
I'm absolutely thrilled that she applied and you get to see her in some of our designs this year. What a great addition to SportBike Chic. Welcome Hanan.
 SportBike Chic Model- HananSportBike Chic Model- HananSportBike Chic Model- HananSportBike Chic Model- HananSportBike Chic Model- HananSportBike Chic Model- HananSportBike Chic Model- Hanan
SportBike Chic Model- HananSportBike Chic Model- Hanan

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