Next Stop, Bike Week

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March typically starts the beginning of the annual bike weeks across the nation.  These bike weeks give motorcyclists the opportunity to travel, fellowship, party, or sometimes just ride. If you happen to be preparing for Daytona Bike Week or any others coming up, here are some essentials that you may find helpful on your journey:


  • Gear – Just because you’re at bike week doesn’t mean you don’t ride safe. At times, there seems to be a lull in personal safety because the speeds may be slow or perhaps there’s no helmet law in place.  After years of attending bike weeks, I found that safety gear is always helpful, regardless of the speed.  If nothing else, armored jeans help.  SportBike Chic motorcycle skinny jeans for women are a great item to provide abrasion protection, with plenty of forgiveness in the stretch, but lined with 100% DuPont™ Kevlar®.  What’s so great about these jeans is that the sizes ranging from 0 to 20 (US fit).  Gloves and proper riding boots are essential.  They can be found at any local bike shop or online.  Look for proper fit in all cases.
  • Storage – Saddlebags and tank bags are great for quick storage. For women, there’s also another option – Tank Purses.  Same great magnetic hold as the masculine alternatives, but they also double as handbags or crossbody style.
  • Tires and proper bike maintenance – While the gear is great, it’s all pointless if you can’t get there right? Check your tires a week or two out to ensure the treadwear indicator are ok.  Once they start to reach the same level of the surface tread of your bike, consider replacing them.  If possible, give yourself enough time to order, replace, and break your tires in before taking your bike on the road for long distances.  Also, ensure that you’ve had standard maintenance like oil changes in preparation for long trips.


Otherwise, be prepared for time to relax and hang out with other bikers, break bread and release that inner kid that gets just a little giddy when they see a sea of motorcycles.

Ride safe!



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