No Damsels

So I found out Raleigh, NC has a murals project on different buildings throughout downtown. One of the murals is called “No Damsel.” It depicts the modern-day Disney princesses. Yes, we know a damsel really means just an unmarried young woman. However, we typically associate the word with one who’s in distress and needs to be saved.

As women continue to amaze the world and what a natural spot for SportBike Chic and other women riders to pose.  The women in the mural show a presence that's obvious and confident - like most women motorcyclists I know.

For me, this mural is a blatant statement that women don’t need to be rescuing by a knight or anyone else. There’s a power all our own that we get to call upon whenever needed to make things happen. I think the artist does a wonderful job of capturing just that.

Soooo...naturally, I had to take a pic or two. Riding is in the evolution...that’s my story anyway.

Motorcycle Accessories

Artist - Dorian Lynde

Photographer - GT Photography

Model - Yours truly


Ride Safe!



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  • Just listen to your interview on Chasing the Horizon…great information…
    I am not a biker rider or owner yet but woke up one morning and decided I want to be both. … thanks for the encouraging back story.

    Much older listener … Semper Fi and continued success


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