SportBike Chic Defined

How do you define "sportbike chic"?  If you search in Webster's, you'll find references to "smart elegance and sophistication" and "a distinctive mode of dress associated with a fashionable lifestyle, ideology, or pursuit."  Riding motorcycles is a lifestyle like no other.  The lifestyle is one that allows for mobility, an appreciation of freedom, an openness to new adventures, an assuming of risks associated with riding, opportunities to meet new people and sometimes even the ability to choose the "family" you always wanted.  The pursuit part of "chic" implies that you're dressing for the journey.  Wherever the road takes you, you're prepared for it. 

Because of the speed associated with sportbikes, common apparel items include mesh or leather jackets, protective jeans, helmets, gloves, and/or various accessories.  Many lady sportbike riders won't sacrifice safety over style.  That's why we try to combine the two as often as possible.  The old adage "dress for the slide and not the ride" is always recommended for beginning and even seasoned motorcyclists.  While one can ride their ride, learn to be the best, take a curve or even choose to learn stunts, things happen beyond all of our control.  As riders, we want to get home safe. Proper apparel allows us a bit more assurance and confidence to enjoy the ride a bit more. 

"Sportbike chic" is defined as a style of apparel associated with the journey and lifestyle of a motorcycle enthusiast.  It's the lady whose style prioritizes coverage and safety without sacrificing feminity. Sportbike chic riders are practical in the riding activities but have a sassy style as well. 

What would you expect to see of a woman whose style is sportbike chic?  Skinny jeans that accentuate curves, taller boots that accentuate the legs, feminine style jackets that cover and protect, comfortable but feminine t-shirts and even feminine jewelry.  Versatility plays a key factor in sportbike chic, as women are not limited to black colors, nor are they defined by pink.  Sportbike chic is not anti-leather or all leather.  Sportbike chic is about ownership of woman's motorcycle journey and making sure she gets there safely and in style. 

Ride safe!

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