Styling Tips for Biker Chicks

Clothing has always been known as a way to express personal style. This can be hard though when trying to balance looking stylish without giving up any protection, which is essential when taking a bike to the streets. Here are our top styling tips for when you’re about to hit the road.

3 of the best styling tips for female bikers are:

  • Get a good pair of riding jeans. Jeans are essential to expressing personal style. The same pair of jeans can be worn in various different ways by different people. Riding jeans need to be protective however so it is important to get jeans made for riding specifically. You can also spice up your jeans with patches that represent your personality.
  • Add a fun and trendy graphic tee. Graphic tees are a fun, easy, and comfortable way to spice up any outfit. The fun sayings are a cool way to let people know what you think and personal interests. There are also biking specific graphic tees to let everyone know that you are a biker chick.
  • Add cool accessories. Accessories are another quick and easy way to express personal style. Whether it is through a necklace, bracelet or ring adding an accessory can be an easy thing. Like the graphic tees, there are also biking specific accessories. This can be a great thing to wear when you are riding or if you just want to add a little bit of edge to your everyday outfit.

Expressing yourself through your clothing is a great way to protect your personal style to the world and have a little more fun while riding. If you are looking for a good place to get riding gear and style, our team at Sport Bike Chic has got you covered.

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