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Styling Tips for Biker Chicks

Posted by Ashley Morrison on

Clothing has always been known as a way to express personal style. This can be hard though when trying to balance looking stylish without giving up any protection, which is essential when taking a bike to the streets. Here are our top styling tips for when you’re about to hit the road. 3 of the best styling tips for female bikers are: Get a good pair of riding jeans. Jeans are essential to expressing personal style. The same pair of jeans can be worn in various different ways by different people. Riding jeans need to be protective however so it...

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About Us - The beginning

Posted by LP Rucker on

SportBike Chic, LLC is a new label for women's riding apparel, established in 2016. It's the brainchild of a woman motorcycle enthusiast who, not only loves riding, but doesn't mind looking a feminine while doing so. Riding motorcycles is one of the ultimate symbols of freedom and empowerment for women. No need to sacrifice femininity while playing with the guys.What’s so special?  Custom artwork on designed on shirts selections that are longer, soft, and feminine styles. The sayings are undeniably woman. SportBike Chic apparel is geared towards the feminine side of riding. Sizes are for the average American woman. The designs...

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