Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to exchange/Refund Order

At the bottom of the page, there is a link for Exchanges/Returns. Click on this link to start the process. Advise as to whether you want a refund or exchange for a different size in your request.

2. What type of safety rating do the products have?

Our products start with quality materials. There is no rating required for the US for motorcycle apparel. However, when introducing new products we look ot the EU for guidance. Our products have quality cotton/elastine material for the outer shells; wool/leather; Denim. The inner linings are para aramid fibers for abrasion resistance. Earlier products have a CE level 1 rating of armor that is included in the products, once the inventory was gone, we switched to CE level 2 armor for additional protection.

3. What is CE level 1 and 2?

CE (Conformité Européenne) certification is a standard for personal protective equipment, including motorcycle armor. The primary difference between Level 1 and Level 2 armor lies in the amount of impact protection they provide.

Typically, Level 1 armor is thinner and more flexible. This can make it more comfortable to wear, especially for long rides. Usage: Level 1 armor is often used in situations where comfort and flexibility are prioritized, such as in casual riding or commuting.

CE Level 2 Armor Impact Protection: Level 2 armor provides a higher level of impact protection. The maximum transmitted force allowed through Level 2 armor is 9 kN, with no single value exceeding 12 kN. Level 2 armor helps to absorb more impact energy during a fall.  Usage: Level 2 armor is preferred for more intense riding conditions, such as touring, racing, or off-road riding, where higher protection is crucial. Choosing

Between Level 1 and Level 2 Armor Comfort vs. Protection:

If you prioritize comfort and flexibility, especially for daily commuting or short rides, Level 1 armor might be sufficient.  However, for better protection, especially on longer rides or more aggressive riding styles, Level 2 armor is recommended. Riding Style and Environment: Consider the type of riding you do most frequently.

If you ride in an urban environment with lower speeds, Level 1 armor could be appropriate. For higher-speed riding or riding in more hazardous conditions, Level 2 offers better protection.

4. What is the new safety rating for Europe and do you have it?

Our newer products are currentlhy leveraging CE level 2 armor for safety requirements. However, we do plan on transitioning to the newer ratings in the future.

In short, the difference:

A Rating: Best for low-speed, urban riding with an emphasis on comfort and flexibility.

AA Rating: Suitable for mixed riding conditions, offering a balance of protection and comfort.

AAA Rating: Ideal for high-speed, high-risk riding, providing maximum protection but may be less comfortable due to its heavier construction.

5. Where is my order?

Please check your email/spam for your tracking number and click on the tracking numbers. If your order is not delivered in the time expected or if there are issues with the delivery, please contact

6. Is there a size chart?

We currently leverage a sizing app that will allow one to select the best size based on the body type/shape. This way, we're able to support customers regardless of the number/size. Manufacturerers in the world are not consistent with sizes. As such, one size indeed, does not fit all. The sizing app is the solution we've chosen to implement at this time. For final sale items, you should expect size charts to give the best opportunity of fit the first time. All other times, exchanges/refunds are acceptable unless otherwise communicated prior to purchase.