The Charlotte

The Charlotte


Introducing The Charlotte, a new version of an already great product with some updated features:

  • Clear, touch-screen compatible pouch that allows map placement while in transit.

The handbag is still a functional purse with detachable straps that is also able to adhere to the motorcycle via magnets. 

  • Compartments for organization
  • The additional shielding helps to minimize magnetic effects on objects inside the purse.   
  • The outer shell is IPX5 water resistance rated.
  • Powerful magnets allow for a strong and secure hold to a motorcycle.
  • Convenient access to important items.  

No need to squeeze items in your pockets, wonder about storage or go into your trunk.  The Tank Purse is the biker go-to for those quick trips to the store for forgotten items while traveling or just to have a little more room on 2.  All the while, giving easy access to contents.