The Raleigh

The SportBike Chic Motorcycle Tank Purse is a functional cross-body purse with detachable straps and is able to adhere to the motorcycle via magnets. 

  • The Tank Purse contains separate compartments to hold phones, cards, etc...
  • The additional shielding helps to minimize magnetic effects on objects inside the purse.   
  • The outer shell is made is a water-resistant material (IPX5) rated.
  • Powerful magnets allow for a strong and secure hold to a motorcycle.
  • Convenient access to important items.  

No need to squeeze items in your pockets, wonder about storage or go into your trunk.  The Tank Purse is the biker go-to for those quick trips to the store for forgotten items while traveling or just to have a little more room on 2.  All the while, giving easy access to contents.

What's so unique about it?
  • Versatility - The first model can also be worn as a cross-body. Additional models will have other variations.
  • Additional shielding - Because of the safety factor, powerful magnets are used. These are powerful magnets that give riders comfort in knowing their bag isn't going to fly off or shift significantly while riding. The one thing that every rider should do is get home safe.
  • Storage space - The Tank Purse has a good amount of storage space with pockets on the outside, giving options for keeping the purse as organized as possible. With its 8x9 inch body, it has enough storage without interfering with a nice ride. The Tank Purse is 3 inches in thickness, which allows plenty of space for the essentials.

It really is as good as it looks! CLICK HERE TO ORDER YOURS TODAY!