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SportBike Chic Motorcycle Tank Purse / Tank Bag


Our uniquely designed SportBike Chic Tank Purses are functional purses with detachable straps and that adhere to motorcycles via magnets. 

  • Our motorcycle tank purses contain separate compartments to hold phones, cards, etc...
  • The additional shielding helps to minimize magnetic effects on objects inside the purse.  
  • The outer shell has an IPX5 water resistance rating.
  • Powerful magnets allow for a strong and secure hold to a motorcycle.
  • Convenient access to important items.  

Our newest model, "The Charlotte," is the most unique and sassy tank purse you'll find anywhere.  It boasts a clear outer pocket for easy visibility to maps and enclosed zippers.

No need to squeeze items in your pockets, wonder about storage or go into your trunk.  Either of our SportBike Chic motorcycle tank purses will be the biker go-to for those quick trips to the store for forgotten items while traveling or just to have a little more room on 2.  All the while, giving easy access to contents.